Friday, August 27, 2010

Bright scrappy string quilt

I am a member of the Piece River Quilters in Punta Gorda, FL. They have mini retreats occasionally, a one day sew in, which is lots of fun to get together with friends and sew. On this day, someone taught string quilting. There are many, many ways to do strings quilts. If you google string quilts you will find several websites for inspiration and ideas.

I made mine using newspaper for paper piecing. I only drew the sewing lines for the black fabric, and the little triangle on one corner of the black fabric. After sewing the fabrics to each side of the black, I sewed from the front. (Hope that makes sense.) The blocks are 8 inches square, because my square ruler is 8 inches square.

I made 48 squares, and added a black border. I'm in the process of adding the piano key border on next, and then another black border.

This quilt was started in Feb. or Mar. 2010.
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  1. LOVE your quilt!
    Any suggestions how I can make the black piece so that the ends are not blunt? New at this string piecing and for some reason every time I make a block, sew it to the next one and so on; the black tips are blunt; not nice and sharp like yours. Any hints on how to accomplish a nice sharp point?? thank in advance., Judy

  2. I love this took me a while to figure out how to get the diamond look..I did it my creating a paper piece pattern.....I assumed that is what you did around with the black fabric as well...then flipped it over to finish.